Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pregnancy Symptoms

Overall, I have to say, my pregnancy has been a pretty smooth one. With the exception of my first trimester, I can't complain. However, there are some pregnancy symptoms that I have had and thought I would share. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, my eyelids have been very senstive to heat. Whenever I wash my face, I have to use cool water or else I am in discomfort. Even the sun bothers them sometimes. How very odd. And I have noticed, in the past few weeks, that my eyes are dry and burning. I've read that this is common, especially later in pregnancy, as your blood flow increases and your hormones go into overdrive. One thing that I am very disappointed about is the fact that my hair has NOT decided to grow back. I thought this could finally be the moment when it makes its big return, but no, not yet. I guess I will wait and see what happens AFTER delivery! I haven't really been experiencing water retention although I did take my two rings off when I noticed they were a little bit tight in the morning. I've had leg cramps, mostly at night when I am sleeping and mostly only in the second trimester but WOW, enough to make me want to cry. Think Charlie Horse! Think painful Charlie Horse. And the strangest thing that has been happening is the hip pain that I get when I DON'T excercise. One would think that over doing it would cause hip and joint pain, but I notice that when I walk to work, I sleep great that night (minus the bathroom breaks that now occur every two hours). It is when I DON'T walk to work that I suffer throughout the night. Oh, another pregnancy symptom that I've noticed is this insatiable urge to eat all the time! Nothing turns me off and I could easily eat something sweet immediately after swallowing something salty. For anyone who knows me, I am not usually very big on sweets, but this pregnancy has totally turned that around. I find that I want cupcakes and chocolate and candy all the time. It was bad around Halloween with candy rampant everywhere I went (and yes, I gained 6 pounds in two weeks during that time) but it's better now. If I want something sweet, I have to go looking for it and that usually curbs my urge (usually, but not yesterday).

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