Monday, December 7, 2009

24 Days and Counting

As of this coming Friday, December 11th, I will be considered full term - 37 weeks. I can't believe time is going by so quickly. It seems like forever ago that I got the wonderful news that my IVF worked and the thought of growing a child over several seasons, seemed like an eternity. I think it must be because the holidays are right around the corner and December always goes by so quickly that I am feeling the quick passage of time. Emotionally and physically, I am ready to bring this child into the world but psychologically I am getting a little anxious. I think the whole notion of having another person completely dependant on you is a little overwhelming, and I am sure I can handle it, but if I stop to think about it long enough, it is a little intimidating. But I will take things day-by-day and I know it will all work out. I have a great support system in place and everyone is eagerly anticipating the arrival of Baby Prince!

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