Wednesday, December 16, 2009

15 days to go!

I've got about 15 days left (technically) and I am starting to feel like the time is almost upon me. It's a little harder to get around, it's a little harder to sleep at night, and it's a lot harder to get through a 9 hour work day. Carrying around the extra weight is starting to take its toll on my hips and the baby is getting stronger and when he moves around it's almost jolting. Oh, and eating is no longer pleasurable. I really enjoy food but since there is no where to put it anymore, it just sits in my stomach which is pushed up against my rib cage, and hangs around like a rock. I miss the feeling of actually being hungry. For the past week or so, I eat because I know that is what I am supposed to do at certain points throughout the day, but the actual feeling of "I'm hungry" doesn't happen all that often. Although, I find that no matter when I put food into my mouth, I never regret it. Strange huh? Oh, and the other thing that keeps happening is that I drop food all over my clothes because I can't get close enough to my plate to eat OVER my plate. So now I am just a messy eater! I can't wait to have my body back! :)

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